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This is where I post all my pieces, I hope everyone will like them. ^^

Also, feel free to try one of my riddles if ever given the chance, have fun! :'D


Dice and Bishops- No Text by NimElf

Free Card Suits Icon by Nightlight-LullabyFree Card Suits Icon by Nightlight-LullabyFree Card Suits Icon by Nightlight-LullabyFree Card Suits Icon by Nightlight-LullabyFree Card Suits Icon by Nightlight-LullabyFree Card Suits Icon by Nightlight-LullabyFree Card Suits Icon by Nightlight-LullabyFree Card Suits Icon by Nightlight-LullabyFree Card Suits Icon by Nightlight-Lullaby

My theme songs ^^


These represent all the things I like. If you make it here, give yourself a pat on the back for a job well done! :)

Anyway, the ones who appear here are very exceptional in their own way, and I hope you all like their works as much as I do. ^^




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Im hoping to get some points later for commissions and hopefully a premium again, but I haven't much money x.x So any donations would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. :)

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United States

Hallo, my name is YoyoDodo, but everyone calls me "Yoyo" for short.

Not much to say about me, Im just a poet by trade & Riddler by hobby xD Feel free to chat or browse my gallery, I'm very social :) Or if you wish, you can challenge one of my riddles. It's my favorite game! The Riddler Animated by Neo-Wolf06

Not much else to say, so I hope you all enjoy my writings, and have a pleasant day :D

Balloon Divider (Rainbow) - F2U! by Drache-LehreBalloon Divider (Rainbow) - F2U! by Drache-LehreBalloon Divider (Rainbow) - F2U! by Drache-Lehre
Allies/Friends: ((These are my awesome friends of awesomeness! :'D ))

:iconevelein-claire: ( Evelein Claire! Or "Eve" to her friends.^^ So many things I want to say about her, yet so little room to write....We've had ups and downs, joys and sorrows, but through it all, I am proud to say...She is one of the truest friends I have ever had the honor of meeting, and an even truer lady to her friends...She is one of the most honest and selfless friends I know on here, always there for a friend in need. I may have my flaws, but I will always do the best I can to overcome them and to keep my true friendships strong. I also thank her for all she has helped me with in the past. Times may change, people may change, but I am grateful for good changes. :)

:iconblack-bolt-ponies: She is one of the ZANIEST friends I know on here! :laughing: Always ready to joke or laugh, yet always there for a friend when something might happen. She's someone I can really relate to, we love rping, randomness, and CARTOONS! :la: She's a real funny friend, you should meet her sometime! :rofl:

:iconbluechanxd: This is one of my older friends that I recently got to talk to again. Meet Jenny! She's an awesome fanfic writer and Pokemaniac! XDDD She's always there for me with advice when I have something heavy on my mind, and I like to try and listen. Still working on the "listening" part ^^; But she really does give me great advice. :) I also love rping with her XD

:iconforever--sparkling: (OOC: She's my L.S.B.F.F. on here! :dummy: Whever something happened, she's always been there for me to make me smile, to pick me up when I'm down, and i'll say this. She may not be my sister in real life, but no matter what, I'll always see her as a sister and best friend on here!^^ You guys should meet her sometime, she's a real hoot to RP and chat with! I can't think of much more to say, except Thanks for making me your DAbrother Twi! I hope to live up to that! :D )

:iconvery-fangirl: ( Glad to see you back, I hope you will have a very happy time here. :) )

:icondash-tristis: He is a really cool guy, and I would love for some of my other friends to meet him...He has a cool comic that he works on along with Mac and Makyo, you simply MUST check it out! he is also the creator of the "Four-Advert" RPG game, And everyone tells me how great it is! Unfortunately, I was never able to check it out, but you should check it out anyway! But He means more to me than a cool comic or an epic and free video game, he really helped me when the chips were down, he was even there for me when me and Mac had that argument way back, and he deserves more attention then what I've gave him...So, you guys should check him out too! I know I want to :)




(( credit for the icon and ID belongs to :iconjoyfool: Thanks a bundle! ))
( Edit: I can't believe that I forgot the origin itself, I must be slipping o.o Welp, it's fixed now! xD )

Yep, today is DA's 14th birthday, and here is my own DA Story to celebrate with! :party:

*clears throat and opens book*

An awfully long time ago...In  a strange far off land, a bustling town thrived. It was a town where all people thrived, and it was said that the town was very prosperous. But one day, tragedy befell this blessed place. A great cataclysm struck the town and it's people. Darkness filled the skies and-  *stops and looks at book*  Wait a minute, wrong story! o.o  *tosses book out window*  Okay, here's the REAL story!:dummy:

Okay, so I first joined DA back in August 2011, nearly 3 years ago. I don't remember many details, but I remember having found the site about a week or so after becoming a brony for the first time. In fact, the only reason I joined DA originally was to take a look at an MLP fanfic that had the "mature" tag on it (It was a story about a group of pegasai that became actual Shadowbolts, it was pretty cool xD ) Little did I realize that would be the day everything changed, I was in for quite a ride.  And boy what a ride it was too!  I made many friends, though some came and left. And looking back on old rps and chats I've had with my friends since way back when, it's amazing how much has changed and yet stayed the same. :'P   I don't want to go into details because this journal would go on forever if I did, but I'll say this: I really grew up since I joined. And so has everyone else I befriended too. I've seen the best of this site, I've suffered the worst of this site, and I can honestly say that Im proud to have been a part of it , both good times and bad. And I want to thank all my dear friends for sticking with me through and through, you guys are wonderful. ^u^  I have much too much to want to say with no idea what to say, so I'll just skip to the main event with some art features. xD

Okay, I don't do much besides writing, so I admit there won't be much here, but here goes :'D

The Two Roses  :iconyellowroseplz:               The Two Roses              :iconblueroseplz:
Long ago, in a time forgotton
A rose grew, a beautiful yellow, wild rose...
Strong, joyful, and friendly was he, though he had many thorns, even he did not know them...
He later met another, a blue rose in a garden... So very beautiful, so very rare
How could this be? A blue rose shouldn't exist! Such beauty is not possible!
But there she was, as real as the morning sun, he fell for her so, He longed to meet her, but how could such a beautiful flower love such a wild weed?
He was scared, he was nervous, there she was, she smiled at him...
"Oh my beautiful rose" he said, how he longed to see her! But outside the garden he grew,  too scared to go inside...
One day he woke, to find her, outside the garden's gate, smiling at him!
The Yellow Rose smiled back, he finally had the chance he dreamed since he saw the blue flower, the rar
 I won't go into details on this one, mainly cause I wasn't feeling so well at the time. However, I can say that this one stands out as my very first attempt at literature and poetry ^^  (Though it strangely abandons the "poetry" format and becomes prose towards the end xD )

Riddle Me This, Riddle Me ThatI have a riddle I stored under my hat!
It is there, but it is not there.
It comes, but it is gone.
It Exists and it is real, yet it is false and is not real.
You can spend it, you can save it, you can waste it.
But you can never have enough of it.
You have ALL you want of it, yet you also have none of it.
This is the Riddle I ask, this is the riddle I say...
Give me your answer, I can't wait to hear it today! :D :icongorshinriddlerplz:
P.S. NO CHEATING, and most of all, Have fun! :party:
P.P.S. I am sorry if this is too easy, This really is my first real Riddle that I made up. ^^;
  This one is also notable for me, as this was my very first attempt at making riddles.   Not very many people solve them anymore, but I don't mind because I just have a lot of fun writing them. ^^ So yeah, I love riddles and have been writing them for some time. No thanks to a certain someone who got me hooked on them to begin with.  xDD

The Maiden of FrostA beautiful Maiden, in winter moonlight;
A Flowing dress, of silvery white.
Wherever she goes, wherever she'd fly,
she leaves behind a diamond dust sky
A mysterious lady, can never be seen;
Not many know of this wintery Queen.
But once she passes, her art can be found,
You can see it on the blanketed ground.
A wonderland of diamond, of silver and white.
Yet soft, beautiful, and blue at night!
A painting of calmness and peace so serene,
A lonely landscape, so quiet and clean.
For under her blanket of silver and white,
Every animal can sleep tonight.
A lonely Maiden of Frost she is,
But a happy artist, despite cold bliss
Look on your windows, her silver ferns grow!
Her love of nature, thats what they show.
Look to the diamond stars as they fall,
the symbols of beauty and wishes so small!
Look to the snowy ground the next day.
Look all the children! So happy at play!
On the outside, how cold seems her heart.
But look deep within, pay attention to her art.
You see her true personality, dee
  Okay, here's the last poem I'll feature, and it's also my most recent. I like this one because I think my skills really improved since my very first attempt and I think they show best here, and in my "Phantom Rose" piece as well. All in all, I still have a long ways to go, but I will strive to improve myself with each poem and riddle as I hope to someday be among the best out there. :')


I have too many wonderful friends to name, so I won't do any art features this time around. But I can list a few .

:iconblack-bolt-ponies: :iconiamnotcrazyyouare: :iconforever--sparkling: :iconevelein-claire: :iconxfiremage: :icone-lster-s-onicgirl: :iconxiximagicramen: :icongreat--snakes: :iconchocoholicpipsqueak: and everyone else I didn't mention who might be reading this, I just want to say that you guys are awesome! I look forward to another year of great friendships and good times :'D

I guess that's everything, so Happy Birthday Deviantart! Can't wait to see next year's! :party: :icondiscordshuffleplz:
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