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Up, Up, and Away! by yoyododo1990 Up, Up, and Away! :iconyoyododo1990:yoyododo1990 6 4 Holiday Foxes by yoyododo1990 Holiday Foxes :iconyoyododo1990:yoyododo1990 6 3 Happy Halloween! by yoyododo1990 Happy Halloween! :iconyoyododo1990:yoyododo1990 2 2 Moonlit Night (Sai Practice) by yoyododo1990 Moonlit Night (Sai Practice) :iconyoyododo1990:yoyododo1990 5 14
In Riddles I Talk (a poem)
In riddles I talk,
in circles I walk,
like a carousel each day.
To create order in chaos,
to create chaos in order,
why is it mentally the way?
On the outside I laugh,
on the outside I grin.
But am I truly smiling within?
In riddles I talk,
on a tightrope I walk,
worried of my words each day.
My mind always a puzzle,
a piece always missing,
hoping I make sense despite disarray.
Each word that I speak,
each sentence I write,
hoping I did something right today.
I make order in chaos,
I make chaos in order,
why was my mind so stray?
In times I am down,
in times when I frown,
my friends always light the way
In riddles I talk,
in circles I walk,
but I still worry of what they might say.
With each word I spoke,
With each sentence I wrote,
I hope I'll do something right someday.
:iconyoyododo1990:yoyododo1990 2 31
The Chaos Must Go On! (A Discord song parody)
Once over a thousand years ago, a white alicorn and a certain draconequus were young and very much in love, so much so that they promised to rule Equestria together as King and Queen, as she loved his strange wonders as much as he did and he wanted to share his strange wonderland with the entire kingdom, they were so happy! But one day, things changed: She was travelling about their new soon-to-be kingdom and saw ponies were not so thrilled like they thought, and returned to him to tell how she felt as she thought it as best not to rush and that they should stay friends instead. Though she had the best intentions for both of them and everypony else in Equestria, he on the other hand was saddened at the rejection...he truly felt used and hurt. Not understanding then what he would eventually learn, he grew very sad yet angry at her as she was the ONLY close companion he had in the first place, the only one in Equestria who loved him in return....quite literally. He flew away into what wo
:iconyoyododo1990:yoyododo1990 2 0
I Dare You meme by yoyododo1990 I Dare You meme :iconyoyododo1990:yoyododo1990 1 2
Riddle #011
This riddle is special indeed,
an ancient myth for you to read:
I once could set sail, i once could take flight
A spectacle to behold, even at night.

The largest in the world, I was truly a sight!
As famous as ever, I could never forget.
Sadly it wouldn't last, I was forgotten yet.
I now sail the Sea of Time, on an ocean of dreams.
Once known by all,  in the past I'm now seen.
Then I was whole, but in four I've now been.

There once was a time when I sailed by.
So f
or the answer, just look to the Sky.
What was I?
:iconyoyododo1990:yoyododo1990 1 6
The Squeals of Remorse by yoyododo1990 The Squeals of Remorse :iconyoyododo1990:yoyododo1990 1 3
The Maiden of Frost
A beautiful Maiden, in winter moonlight;
A Flowing dress, of silvery white.
Wherever she goes, wherever she'd fly,
she leaves behind a diamond dust sky
A mysterious lady, can never be seen;
Not many know of this wintery Queen.
But once she passes, her art can be found,
You can see it on the blanketed ground.
A wonderland of diamond, of silver and white.
Yet soft, beautiful, and blue at night!
A painting of calmness and peace so serene,
A lonely landscape, so quiet and clean.
For under her blanket of silver and white,
Every animal can sleep tonight.
A lonely Maiden of Frost she is,
But a happy artist, despite cold bliss
Look on your windows, her silver ferns grow!
Her love of nature, thats what they show.
Look to the diamond stars as they fall,
the symbols of beauty and wishes so small!
Look to the snowy ground the next day.
Look all the children! So happy at play!
On the outside, how cold seems her heart.
But look deep within, pay attention to her art.
You see her true personality, dee
:iconyoyododo1990:yoyododo1990 3 4
I. M. Discord ( I M Meen parody)

Oh Look, what Little Ponies!
See them playing, watch them yearn?
How I hate your harmony,
how it makes my stomach churn.
I've got a little riddle, that'll really make you pay.
Its a nasty kind of game, for a "special" sort of day!

This puzzle is made to order, but it isn't to be read.
For when you solve this puzzle, you're sealed inside instead!
To the most unusual place you've ever toured:
The Chaotic Labyrinth of I.M.Discord!
Very Surreal and confusing,
your fate now of MY choosing!
The Chaotic Labyrinth of I M Discord!!!
:iconyoyododo1990:yoyododo1990 3 0
A True Gentleman (vent poem)
A True Gentleman...
is always there for his friends he loves,
He is always there till the end.
Always considerate to others,
he knows to respect.
He knows he's not perfect, his flaws are there too.
But how to handle them, he knows what to do.
When someone says "No",
he knows to accept!
When someone has boundaries, he knows not to pry.
Especially a friend, for they may really be shy.
He strives to bring happiness,
and refuses to disrespect.
To him: a lady is like a rose with its thorns:
Beautiful and wonderful, but should never be scorned.
He would be there for others,
especially in times of distress
A lady's feelings he should always put first,
for she may be the one that's otherwise hurt worst.
A True Gentleman is a rare thing indeed,
For no gentleman would ever be perfect.
But he'll always pay attention to what others heed,
He truly does his best, in spite of any defect.
No one has to be perfect to be a true lady or gent.
Just strive for your best, you'll reach your goal yet.
:iconyoyododo1990:yoyododo1990 6 0
Riddle #010
What you see isn't always there, Even your eyes can tell lies.
Elements of Darkness, Elements of Light,
In the light lies my conception, can you detect the truth in my deception?
What am I?
:iconyoyododo1990:yoyododo1990 4 5
Riddle #009 *
     Four Legs,
No feet,
Of Arms, No lack,
It carries no burden upon its back.
What am I?
:iconyoyododo1990:yoyododo1990 2 6
Holiday Icon by yoyododo1990 Holiday Icon :iconyoyododo1990:yoyododo1990 0 7 Thundering Typhoons! ( Halloween Costume, part 2 ) by yoyododo1990 Thundering Typhoons! ( Halloween Costume, part 2 ) :iconyoyododo1990:yoyododo1990 3 28
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to be this good takes Sega.
United States


My name is YoyoDodo, but everyone calls me "Yoyo" for short. Not much to say about me, I'm just a poet by trade & riddler by hobby. Feel free to chat or browse my gallery, I'm very social! Or if you wish, you can challenge one of my riddles. It's my favorite game!

I hope you all enjoy my writings, and have a pleasant day :D

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